Programs for Leaders in Educational Administration

Introduction to the Institute’s Programs
The Institute is committed to excellence in nurturing competent and compassionate educational administrators equipped with leadership, vision and professional skills, particularly in the public education sector.
Policy Leadership Augmenting leadership skills to nurture practical abilities through keen understanding and critical analyses of educational policies, assess such policies and provide alternatives to existing policies.
Instructional Leadership Advancing leadership skills to organize, manage and evaluate specific educational programs founded upon pedagogical, instructional and learning philosophy.
Managerial leadership Rearing leadership skills to spearhead administrative reform of individual schools through effective and efficient school management.
Fundamental program goals

Cultivating leadership and professional skills requisite for educational leaders to initiate developments in local and regional educational sectors

  • Solidifying sound perspectives on education and concomitant leadership abilities
  • Advancing policy leadership to both implement educational policies and offer alternatives to extant policies
  • Building instructional leadership to plan, develop and administer educational programs
  • Breeding managerial leadership to administer schools and other public educational institutes
  • Devising and determining developmental roadmaps, blueprints and agendas for local and regional education through information sharing and networking
Program Duration
  • 14 weeks totaling 600 hours
  • In-class lectures & research activities: 10 weeks
  • Autonomous research and training via distance learning: 2 weeks
  • Overseas educational research and training: 2 weeks
Prospective Trainees in this Program

Secondary (middle and high) school principals and similarly qualified educational specialists recommended by educational bureaus at the regional level (i.e., municipal (si) or provincial (do))