Job performance research & training program via distance learning

Introduction to the Institute’s Programs
The institute is a leader in developing educators and administrators as educational researchers.

Intellectual curiosity + Knowledge of educational research methodologies + Passion for education

= Educational researcher

Educational research & statistical analysis program for secondary school teachers

  • Program classification: Professional responsibility and research & training via distance learning (30 hours, 2 credits)
  • Prospective program trainees: Secondary school teachers, educational specialists and similar professionals recommended or appointed by their respective principals or educational superintendents
  • Fee: Tuition and fees for Educational Research and Statistical Analysis Program for Secondary School Teachers to be determined (trainees pay for all tuition and fees incurred during training, including the cost of printed course materials)
  • Acknowledgement of completion: In accordance with program requirements, those completing the program successfully will be conferred with a certificate of completion (30 hours, 2 credits)
  • Aims of the Programs

    As educational researchers, trainees must understand various concepts, methodologies and procedures of research conducted on the educational frontlines in individual schools and classrooms and further their research writing skills.

    Be knowledgeable in the concepts of statistical analyses requisite to diverse educational research analysis and proficient in statistical analysis tools such as SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences)