2014 to present Offering Educational Administration Leadership Courses, Principal Qualification & Preparation Courses (limited to middle & high schools in Seoul area), and Job Duty Training Courses for Public School Educators & Administrators through Distance Learning.
2011 Marked the 100th graduation of the Education Administration Leadership Class; Built rest areas (lounge, veranda, etc.) at the Institute
2007 Implemented school consultant education & training programs; Offered writing and critical reasoning training programs geared for middle school teachers; Commenced training programs for core leadership in collegiate administration
2005 Designated for a second time Outstanding SNU Auxiliary
2004 Institute’s conference and seminar rooms opened
2003 Collaboration between UNDP and this Institute over science & technology initiated; Selected as international training facility for middle school teachers; Designated Outstanding SNU Auxiliary.
2002 Training of Sri Lankan middle school mathematics teachers at the Institute supported by the World Bank
2000 Establishment of Distance Learning & Training Institute approved
1960 Educational Administration Research & Training Institute established at Seoul National University (SNU).