Message from the Director

The Educational Administration Research and Training Institute
- At the Forefront of Cultivating the Finest Public School Educators and Administrators

I am Jeong-Cheol Shin, director of the Educational Administration Research & Training Institute at Seoul National University (SNU). I wholeheartedly welcome you to the Institute’s homepage.

Established in 1960 as the first of its kind in South Korea with the specific aim of heightening the professionalism of school educators and administrators, this Institute has been endeavoring to support frontline implementation of educational policies and hone educational human resources such as perspective principals.

At present, our Institute retains top-notch teaching faculty members and superlative training programs. However, we are not merely content with maintaining such staus quo and will do our utmost to transform the Institute into a truly world class one

In particular, by formulating and organizing training programs to enhance public school teachers’ ability to refine their frontline pedagogical methodologies and school administrators’ leadership skills, we will make this Institute contribute to the education system in general, and in particular enable public education to restore the public’s trust and confidence

It is our responsibility and obligation of consummate importance to foster the joy of education and outstanding talents. To promote our knowledge-based society in which a nation’s competitiveness depends largely upon the creation of new knowledge and corresponding ability to utilize it optimally, current research and training of educators and administrators are more important than ever.

Through actively incorporating classroom demands into this Institute’s management and unceasing efforts to improve our programs, we will continue to perspire to offer a consistently heightened standard of education

I welcome your participation and assistance in our Institute’s next leap forward.

Thank you.


Jeong-cheol Shin, Director