Introduction to the Institute

The National Academy for Educational Administrators was established on December 31, 1960 under the name National Academy for Educational Admistrative Officials.

The establishment was made possible by collaboration with and support from educational advisors and pedagogical experts from George Peabody University in the US and the Ministry of Education. The Institute’s name was changed to its current name National Academy for Educational Administrators on June 16, 1961.

The support provided and interest shown by the government at that time was enormous as the Education Minister directly appointed the members of the Research and Training Committee, the core of the Institute. Such support and interest have continued unabated to this day.

The Institute is highly acclaimed far and wide for its exceptional quality in terms of its nationally renowned faculty and systematic programs and assessment.

At present, the Institute is dedicated to excellence in fostering educational elites in S. Korea, thereby becoming the epicenter of pedagogy.